How To Play Texas No-limit Hold’em

Texas Hold’em (generally known as Hold’em), propelled by the rise of televised poker, has become the most popular poker game globally. In this article we will break down the fundamentals and get you prepared for the tables. 

NLH – No Limit Holden is the most popular variation of the game that is played all over the globe.
NLH meaning that there is no limit on how much someone can bet or raise in every “street” – can go as much as he/she has in front of him in chips putting ones opponent in tough decisions.

It is a simple game to learn, but with a seemingly endless range of techniques, tactics, and complexities. So without further ado, lets begin by highlighting some key points for you to remember:

Hold-em is played in a series of hands, at the start of each hand two cards are dealt to each player for their eyes only. 

Along with cards each player will have a pre-existing chip stack which they bought into the game with.

• The dealer spreads five cards that can be used by all players to make their best possible five-card hand, three at a time, then another, then another. The first three cards are referred to as the flop, the next is the turn, and the last is the river. 

• Players take turns betting before and after each card(s) are revealed. Both players must have placed the same amount of chips in the pot to remain in hand and see the next card.

• The best hand in poker wins the pot.

What Can You Expect Playing Texas Hold-Em?

When sitting down for a hand of Texas Hold-em its important to understand your position at the table, because it will dictate how you decide to play. Players in early position referred to as UTG or “under the gun” are the first to act after the flop which puts them at a disadvantage. That is because poker is a game of information, being able to study how your opponents play is a critical part to being successful at the table. After each hand of poker the positions will rotate. 

“There are 4 “streets” when a poker player can take action :

  • Preflop (after 2 cards are dealt to each player by the dealer non shown;)
  • At the Flop (3 first cards the dealer reveal on the board)
  • On the turn (4th card on the board)
  • At the river (5th & last card the dealer reveals on the board)

To start each hand of Hold-Em, two players will place chips into the pot to begin. These players are the ones who are sitting in the positions referred to as small blind and big blind. 

Every player will get to decide to make one of three moves, 

1. Check: This move passes your turn to the next player without any action, this can only be done when you already have put the minimum amount of chips in the pot. 

2. Call: When you call, you are matching the chips another player has put into the pot so you can see the next card. 

3. Bet: This allows you to put more chips into the pot to make it more difficult for other players to see the next card. If they want to see the next card everyone at the table will have to match your bet with their own chips. 

4. Fold: this move folds your two cards and sits you out into the hand finishes. 

Take a look at the chart below to see familiarize yourself with the different positions in poker: 

Choosing the play the right cards

In order to win consistently at poker you have to play the right cards. Some cards are much better than others, espically as starting hands. Take a look at this chart below and familiarize yourself with the best starting hands in Texas Hold-Em. 

How To Win A Round Of Hold-Em

In order to win at hold-em, you have to either have the best hand at the end of all the betting rounds or you have to get all your opponents to fold. Either way you will get to scoop up all the chips in the center and start building up your chip stack. 

Take a look at the chart below to learn the best hands in No-Limit Hold-em. 

How To Win Big At Texas Hold-Em

If you want to learn how to win consistently at texas hold-em and outplay your opponents then its important that you develop a disciplined and balanced strategy to approach the game with. 

Poker is a complex game full of a variety of different playstyles. Its highly competitive and filled with the biggest highs and lows you’ll ever experience. But it is highly rewarding to get good and start bringing home profits on a consistent basis. If you’re intrested in becoming a better poker player and improving your gameplay then sign up and subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter where we share our best tips and tricks to help you elevate your poker play to a higher level. 

Good luck at the tables players.

May the flop be with you! 

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