Dominant Performance by JustPoker Ambassador Charalampos “The Ferocious” Grigoriou.

JustPoker Ambassador Charalampos “The Ferocious” Grigoriou entered this fight with a record of 5 wins and 3 loses. He started the first round off with an aggressive pace. His opponent went for a take-down and Charalampos stuffed it and ended up on top. He stayed there for the rest of the round working his ground game and tiring out his opponent. His mentor Matt Serra encouraged him from the corner to work the body and head of his opponent while gaining a better position. The first round ended in a big win for Charalampos.

Round 2

Charalampos stormed into the second round exchanging some blows with his opponent. He kept pushing the pace until his managed to take down his opponent. He worked his way through positions on the ground until he ended up in full mount where he ended the fight with some vicious ground and pound. 

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye out for this rising star’s next performance! 

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