JustPoker Tip of the week #1

Poker Is A Complex Game

Often times many new players make mistakes that cost them in the long run. Here’s our simple tip for this week to help you improve your poker play. 

Many tournament poker players open too wide, this may be due to a lack of patience or unfamiliarity with opening ranges. It’s even worse for early positions, a lot of players get rekt because they play too loose from an early position when there are many players waiting in line after them.
The problem is when called, wide openers are often at a range disadvantage. Often being dominated by their opponents, they are vulnerable to 3 bets since they frequently won’t have a holding strong enough to continue under pressure.
So how do you mitigate this problem?
Familiarize yourself with your opening ranges, tighten up all around the board until you start to feel more comfortable playing hands out of position. Create a code that you play by that keeps you calm and focused under pressure.

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